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Overlake Hospital recently purchased this piece by Stephen Rock through the Seattle Art Museum Gallery - 2021

before the fall

above: "before the fall" 2020
archival digital print, watercolor, mounted on custom cradle boar
40" x 72"

44" x 44" pigmented ink on metallic gloss on board, 2013
Recent large format digital works at the Alexis Hotel, Seattle June through August 2014


Solo show at Normandy Park, Wa City Council Chambers, June 2014


CoCA Collision: Past, Present, & Future Members Show
Curated By Shawn FerrisJoseph RobertsChris Crites

CoCA Program
Stephen Rock's "Failed Silence" featured on exhibit program cover
Large digital works on metallic paper in the Center on Contemporary Art's exhibit:

Recent exhibit of new digital works at the
Washington State Convention Center through the Seattle Art Museum Gallery

Additional work when available can be viewed at the SAM Gallery
1220 Third Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 Phone: 206.343.1101


New digital work and recent paintings at the
Jeffrey Moose Gallery 1333 5th Ave, Suite 511 Seattle, Washington 98101
Phone: 206-467-6951

Big Data 2013 Stephen_Rock_copyright_2013
(the age of) Big Data 2013
38" x 38" pigmented inkjet on canvas


"Failed Silence"
pigmented inkjet print, 2012   63” x 35”

Available through the Seattle Art museum Gallery
Remnants #10
34" x 34" pigmented inkjet print on metallic paper with varnish, 2012

more digital work...


Reclaimed Materials Wall Sculptures
This body of work utilizes reclaimed materials. The scraps of other's lives become commentary about modern life,
the marks and scars add energy and presence to the surface.

Showing through SAM Gallery and Bherd Studio

"What will become of the Library"  #2
mixed reclaimed materials wall sculpture
36"h x 34"w x 8"d

more of this work...


Stephen Rock | Rock Brothers

Newly installed Brush Pile for the juried 2012 | 2013 outdoor exhibit in La Conner, WA

Brush Pile Stephen_Rock_copyright_2013

Brush Pile approx. 20'l x 5'h x 6'w
Installed in La Conner , WA for the 2012 | 2013 Sculpture Exhibit
map here (where 2nd St. turns into Moore St.)

December to February 2012

an exaggeration of data
new digital works

at CoCA

read the Seattle Times review

CoCA Ballard
6413 Seaview Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107




slide show of work from an exaggeration of data 2012

Group exibit at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art 12, 2011

"Electron Salon"

December 8 - December 30
Reception Thursday December 8, 7-9pm
In conjunction with the Downtown Artwalk


recent Exhibitions:

at Rock|DeMent in Seattle

Dialogue: poetic patience within a world of visual aggression
Paintings by Stephen Rock :: Sculptures by Joseph Keppler
Curated by Nichole DeMent

Watch Special Presentation & Discussion with the Artists Here





Stephen Rock was selected to exhibit at the
CoCA Carkeek Park outdoor sculpture exhibit "Cycle of Return" this summer.

photo:Reginald Brooks

Conversation with a Forest
   25' x 10' x 4'
reclaimed materials sculpture installation for CoCA Seattle at the 2011,
3rd Annual Carkeek Park Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit
Heaven and Earth "Cycle of Return"

Thanks to Potter Construction for their generous support providing transportation for the sculpture

Stephen_Rock_copyright_2013   Stephen_Rock_copyright_2013 
                                                                                                                                                                                            photos: Nichole DeMent
left:framework for installation being constructed in West Seattle                                    right: detail of "Conversation with a Forest" at Carkeek Park


The Rock Brothers installed "East meets Northwest" at the Anacortes Sculpture Festival in July 2011.
It can now be seen on Commerce Avenue in Anacortes, Washington.


ArtsWest Unplugged Challenge
Stephen Rock's contributions, "An Exaggeration of Data"(above) and "Failed Silence," ... both are marvelous meditations on information overload in which website pages, toolbars and logos are digitally "shredded" into long strips and packed with a bar code intensity into a single symphonic image.
Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times arts writer


SAM GAllery March 2011

Stephen Rock had new reclaimed materials wall sculptures
in the SAM Gallery Exhibit TRANSFORMATIONS, March 2011.


  Copyright Stephen Rock 2011                                                             
Black Pencil  recently installed at Garrigan Lyman Group              Tweet This   6' x 8' Valentine of twitter feed & reclaimed materials
                                                                                                                                                                                       See it on Nancy Guppy's Art Zone on the Seattle Channel

ink + jet = a digital print show

Recent exhibits:
MadArt in the Park
FosterWhite Gallery
SAM Gallery
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery
Mystic Sons of Morris Graves Centenary Invitational Exhibit

Select Past Exhibits:
Heaven and Earth Exhibition at Carkeek Park w/ CoCA

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Rock|DeMent visual art space
Rock - Sculpture / architectural elements / commissions

Nichole DeMent Artist and Creative Coach


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