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                     3   photo:Reginald Brooks
Conversation with a Forest
  25' x 10' x 4'
reclaimed materials sculpture installation for CoCA Seattle at the 2011, 3rd Annual Carkeek Park
Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit
Heaven and Earth "Cycle of Return"

2   1 
photos: Nichole DeMent
left:framework for installation being constructed in West Seattle             right: detail of "Conversation with a Forest" at Carkeek Park


Seattle Art Museum Gallery - Installation "Garden of Denial" (left) & "Preservation of Decay (right)


Foster White Gallery, Seattle - Rock Bros. sculpture installation "East meets West"



MadArt in the Park, Seattle, Cal Anderson Park - "Brush Pile" Large site-specific Rock Bros. sculptural installation



Installation of Brushes at The Broadway Building, Seattle WA.

photo: Urban Art Concept

Rock Bros. piece Installed at Garrigan Lyman Group

Black Drawing Pencil

Collection of Garragon Lyman Group, Seattle



Experience 2009
Collection of Michael & Marjorie Alhadeff , Seattle



Sumi Brush
collection of Pascal Tanguay, France

reclaimed materials collage, paint


Installation of commmission piece for Potter Construction, Seattle


Recent projects:
C.O.C.A.'s Heaven & Earth Sculpture Exhibit 2009

Stephen Rock and the Rock Brothers also use all-natural materials in "Executive Decision," consisting of four picnic tables under seeming aerial attack. One table surface is pierced by a chunky, pointed Douglas fir wedge, while landscaping boulders lance the others.

The artists' stated intent is to explore how "issues, once laid on a table, can hardly be ignored." The piece's blend of utility and violent whimsy merit permanent placement in Carkeek Park.   Michael Upchurch, Seattle Times:


Installation at Carkeek Park 2009
Installed at Carkeek Park , June 2009

Executive Decision    (right) The installation at Rock Brothers Studio East in Ellensburg, Wa.

Copyrigth William Brody

Detail of finished table with D.fir through top.    photo: William Brody

Executive Decision is a dining table made of salvaged ash. Hand crafted with a modern design, the uncured wood was allowed to warp when drying. The table was then altered by driving a large wedge of rough wood through the surface to create an artistic statement about the choices we make and why.

Three additional picnic tables (above) were placed at equal distances around the central piece. The wood is reclaimed and hand milled by the Rock Bros. from 100 year old irrigation canal wood from the Kittitas Valley. Each of the picnic tables have landscape sized boulders placed into cutouts on top of the tables. This creates an additional scale to the installation and pushes the conversation regarding how issues, once laid on a table, can hardly be ignored.


Additional work:

the 2nd Horsman
the 2nd Horseman     
reclaimed mill scraps, rope, chain, misc wood and metal
Collection of Alison and Glen Milliman, Seattle



the New American Dream Home
The New American Dream Home
Reclaimed deck railing from my mother, new deck,old growth fence wood, door knob, hinges


Experience II
sticks,metal, ash, fir
Collection of Susan Levy


Experience I
driftwood, well casing, steel
Collection of MIchael & Marjorie Alhadeff

NAil Table
Nail Table - interactive installation
d. fir, old growth fence posts, railroad spikes, angle iron, interactive nail elements



ZenDada Piano
Misc. found, reclaimed, altered and manufactures objects, books and electronic keyboard



       Sumi Brush
Log Brush & paintings done with log loader
Log brush of fir with cedar shrub brush tip, rope, steel and accompanying paintings of acrylic on primed canvas




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