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Following are a few of the digital artists publishing with Rock's Studio. Files are provided in either PC or MAC platform and proofed on the Roland HiFi using pigmented inks. Many artists use scanners to acquire imagery and others create much of their images using Photoshop, Painter and other software programs. Other techniques include embellishing the print after printing or adding and collaging elements to the images. Part of the process with new printing devices is to see just where it takes the artist.

      Paul Berger   Bea Geller   Sheryl Reily      Stephen Rock




Bea Geller
All images Bea Geller

Images from the "Goddess Series"

This work is from a series of digital works by photographer and digital artist Bea Geller. She is Associate Professor at Pacific Lutheran University where she teachesTraditional Darkroom Photography and Digital Imaging. She can be contacted at 253-627-4131 or email her for more information about her work.

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Paul Berger
All images Paul Berger

Paul Berger is Professor of Photography and Digital Imaging at the University of Washington, Seattle. This image is from Paul's early series "Mathmatica" and was reproduced for The Museum of Contemorary Photography's 2003 FIne Print Program through Columbia College in Chicago. For more information about Pauls work you can contact the artist at

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Sheryl Reily
All images Sheryl Maree Reily

"Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception ~ Barbie Madonna" 


  "Isis"                                                                       "Last Supper"

Sheryl Reily is an artist living and working in Ester, Alaska. For more information regarding her unique Polaroid transfer/digital works, contact her.

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Stephen Rock
All images Stephen Rock

"Chasing Mother Nature"

"Observation #10"                               "Touchstone #1"
These works have been created using Fractal Design Painter, Photoshop, Picture Publisher and a host of other ad-ons and filters. They incorporate original photographs, scanned collage elements and other digital techniques. For more information on available artworks contact Stephen Rock or follow this link to see a bunch more of the artist's work.

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